just a bear whose intentions are good (two_star) wrote,
just a bear whose intentions are good


Last year I:

Did not get a job.

Did not get a romantic relationship. (Which is hardly surprising. I don't love myself and I wouldn't expect anyone else to love me. It still hurts though.)

Lost my apartment and had to move in with my parents.

Had no appreciable changes to my health, which is good, although I could stand to be more fit.

Did not get nearly enough done creatively. Did have a good run of math blog posts earlier in the year, and a few in the last month. Did design and have lasercut a few new puzzles, including one for Gathering for Gardner, which was one of the highlights of my year. Sold some puzzles at craft fairs, but not enough to be actually making net money off of the hobby. Wrote a couple thousand words toward a novel, which seems to be going on the back burner for a bit. I don't think I finished writing a single song this year, excepting the one I wrote for the Orycon song contest.

Sang a bunch. Danced a bunch. Read a bunch. Biked. Played board games with friends. Saw a lot of British and Australian television, and a fair number of old movie musicals.

Really though, I don't think my contribution to humanity paid for my environmental footprint last year.
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