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two_star's Journal

just a bear whose intentions are good
2 July 1974
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Disclaimer: items listed in my interest list are things that I am interested in and not necessarily things I support. I think this disclaimer means I have covered my ass in the unlikely circumstance that one of my interests is deemed an illegal thing to support.
abstract algebra, abstract games, ackanomic, adom, agates, aimee mann, albigensians, ashleigh flynn, audioplays, balanescu quartet, beth orton, big finish, bossa nova, branko grünbaum, buckaroo banzai, carissa's wierd, carla speed mcneil, carmina luna, cathars, ceili, charles de lint, chess variants, choral music, combinatorial geometry, corrina repp, céilí, dancing with cute, deb talan, doctor who, douglas firs, dried pears, edna st. vincent millay, esperanza spalding, estonia, everything but the girl, fair and balanced, fanno creek, finder, forró, gabriel fauré, geombinatorics, ghost world, ginger beer, graph paper, group theory, guanabana, guy de chauliac, guy gavriel kay, haibane renmei, hazelnuts, hummingfish, hush records, iain banks, icehouse, ifmud, illegal interests, inform, interactive fiction, irish dance, jan garbarek, jo sands, johannisbeersaft, john conway, kaitlyn ni donovan, kim norlen, kim stanley robinson, kuiper belt objects, käthe kollwitz, l-topia, lara michell, lebkuchen, light rail, madrigals, marion bauer, marzipan, math, math pedagogy, mckinley, neko case, noise for pretend, nomic, octavia butler, paris commune, paul erdős, pentominoes, platypus, polyominoes, portland christmas revels, python, ralph betza, ranma ½, real genius, rebecca gates, reclinerland, recreational mathematics, red flowering currant, red house painters, saaremaa, salal, sattie clark, science fiction, sentient broccoli, snigdha prakash, solas, solomon golomb, square word calligraphy, swing out sister, sylvia poggioli, são paulo, tamson house, the decemberists, the inform designer's manual, the innocence mission, the opposite of sex, the places, the sundays, thimbleberries, tigard, tirade, trilliums, tualatin river, ultima underworld, unicode, urban fantasy, vivian's keeper, volcanic ash, voronoi diagrams, whitman college, xu bing, yunnan, zendo, zoki, мир